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Since its creation, the mission of Fundecyt has been to act as a bridge between Company, University and Society, to establish communication channels and collaboration between these groups. In this way, Fundecyt hopes to contribute to the improvement of their performance environment, wealth creation and towards the integral development of the Autonomous Region of Extremadura. Despite its short existence, the activity of the Foundation is very intense and has always been distinguished by being in the forefront of technological innovation, heading the changes, past and present, that have transformed our region.


Innovate is specialized in supporting businesses, organization and groups in the development of migration plans for the future. These plans are based in time and define where is the organization, where it wants to get and how to obtain it. The plans developped include visions, strategies, goals, performance indicators, targets to achieve and task lists with its corresponding terms. This approximation helps concentrate the efforts in the critical tasks within the organization for achieving the objectives. Our aim is simply to identify and integrate the best way to plan and implement effective change programs.


First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd was founded in 2000. The objective of First Elements is to use its unique operational model, which includes complete incorporated/additional services, but also its accumulated know-how and network of collaborators that it has developed over the past few years, as the biggest consultancy in South-Eastern Europe, especially in those sectors that aim to promote and develop entrepreneurship, innovation, competitiveness, technology , social issues, labour issues local development plans of local self government organisations etc.

One of First Elements main business areas is Project & Programme Management services to public bodies and SMEs, especially in relation to State- and EU-funded programmes aimed at improving competitiveness, innovation and technology transfer. It focuses on business development and capacity building of public organisations as well as on promoting entrepreneurship on a European level. Another basic business area is the development of SME support mechanisms, especially for developing and supporting new-founded, entrepreneurial, technology-based companies. FEeu operates on a regional, national and supranational level both within the EU but also outside in designing, managing and potentially investing in SME support mechanisms such as Science and Technology Parks, Business Incubators and SME financing schemes / funds. In this aspect of its operation FEeu works with the private and the public sector as well as academia in the framework of the triple helix approach to developing entrepreneurship. In the framework of funded projects for research, the company concentrates on both European (FP6, FP7, CIP, LDV) and national research funding (RPF) initiatives as well as on regional initiatives for capacity development of regional authorities (INTERREG, LIFE etc.).

The team has strong strategic, project management and finance skills, leveraged by important strategic relationships with top-tier consulting houses with a specialisation in supporting companies and public departments. The keymen also draw upon the other substantial resources of its mother company, i.e. EUROCONSULTANTS SA, especially in Research, Corporate Finance, Government consulting, SME development and support mechanisms etc.


Business Development Friesland (BDF) develops and executes projects focused on SME growth. BDF operates within a large international network of companies, intermediaries, local governments and knowledge institutes. BDF carries out concepts of its own and it is involved in several European collaboration initiatives, as project partner. BDF has become an international project agency with a team of 8 employees.
We cherish start-up companies. Since our own establishment in 2002, we actively supported over a 100 start-up companies during their first steps. Our strength is our proactive approach and 1 on 1 coaching. We are involved in the most important start-up programs and have carefully set up our network in the region, to become what we are now: a specialist on start-ups and internationalisation in the Province of Friesland.

BDF is a very internationally oriented organisation. We develop concepts of our own and we are involved in several European collaboration initiatives, as project partner.
Business Development Friesland (BDF) develops and executes projects focused on SME growth. In addition to regional projects, BDF often initiates or participates in European projects and matchmaking programs. The legal status of BDF is a foundation (non-profit, public equivalent body).
BDF, as a project partner, is involved in several consortia. For instance, the export stimulation program WiN!. BDF will pay 200 SMEs in the Northern Netherlands area a visit and will map their export activities and plans, BDF will inform them on subsidies and will introduce them to new markets by setting up joint fair & exhibitions participations abroad.
Currently, BDF is lead partner in two European projects: Connessione and Pandora. The main purpose of these projects is to support regional businesses to implement an active work-life balance policy (Connessione) and risk management policy (Pandora).


FUNDITEC is a Foundation (not-for-profit) with a team of more than 25 highly skilled professionals which mission is to promote the development and technological innovation in both public organizations and private enterprises.

With this aim in mind, the organization designs and implements different national and international projects dedicated to combining socio economic issues with innovative and technological elements.

For the most part the projects are financed by public bodies in the national (Ministries) and international (European Commission) level, that are oriented to help organizations to improve their knowledge of the innovation and competitiveness themes.


The National Association of Small and Medium-Size Business (NASMB) has been established in Sofia on 17.06.2000.

Its mission is to facilitate, support and promote the establishment of a favorable business environment for small and medium businesses development and to raise SMEs competitiveness.

In carrying out its mission, NASMB represents its members in the dialogue with central and local authorities and facilitates partnerships with all government institutions and other related NGOs and organizations. NASMB also provides a wide variety of services as management training, information services, marketing research, elaboration of business plans and investment projects, tax, accounting and legal consultations, advice on capital and credit access, project preparation, project management, etc.

At present, NASMB members are regional associations, branch associations /as collective members/, small and medium-size companies and managers. NASMB member companies are in the sphere of agriculture, food industry, telecommunications, light industry, construction, machine building, trade, tourism, services, advertising, etc.

With its mission, aims, goals and structure NASMB is similar to small and medium business associations in European Union and North America.


Xlab is an R&D company with a strong research background in the fields of distributed systems, GRID computing and peer-to-peer networks. The results of the R&D activities are reflected in the advanced online collaboration software, and sophisticated medical imaging solutions. The company's product line named ISL Online is placed at the very top of the online collaboration solutions. The ISL Online products enjoy a reputation of being extremely easy to use, technologically superior, secure, and above all, affordable, have built up an international presence and are now being used in thousands of companies worldwide. Besides, with a 3D imaging application, a 3D Virtual Colonoscopy software, and a complete solution for imaging in nuclear medicine, Xlab is also strongly present in the medical imaging market.



El proyecto de la Fundación Centro Tecnológico Industrial de Extremadura CETIEX, es crear un centro tecnológico privado que nace con una clara vocación de colaboración tanto a nivel regional como nacional.
Es un centro de carácter horizontal, complementa la oferta actual de los centros existentes, que son claramente sectoriales, siendo su objetivo fundamental la realización de actividades de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico y la prestación de Servicios Tecnológicos a las Pymes, en especial en el área de mejoras industriales y de la producción.

El centro ofrece los siguientes servicios:

Asistencia Tecnológica: en las áreas de calidad, organización de la producción, tecnología de la información, seguridad industrial y medioambiente.

Análisis, Ensayos y Calibraciones: mediante acuerdos con laboratorios de la Universidad y laboratorios acreditados se gestionan los proveedores y se lleva el control externo de los planes de calibración.

Ingeniería Industrial en Producción: mejora en los procesos de producción, organización de la producción y gestión de los recursos humanos.

Los Proyectos de IDT para Empresas: son proyectos de desarrollo tecnológico que pueden dar lugar a un nuevo producto o proceso, o a la mejora de los actualmente existentes en una empresa.

Inteligencia Económica: vigilancia tecnológica y de mercado para proporcionar a las empresas de un determinado sector información detallada y actualizada sobre la evolución tecnológica y comercial del mismo.
Elaboración de estudios y proyectos para la gestión de los recursos de información y la implantación de los sistemas adecuados en la explotación de los mismos.

Diseño Industrial: se ofrece un servicio de utilización de licencias de software de diseño avanzado y una asistencia personalizada de diseñadores expertos en casa de las empresas.

Formación: la formación se ajustará en todo momento a las necesidades tecnológicas de las empresas.



The main objective of Diego Hidalgo Schnur on creating and financing the Foundation Maimona in 2000, was to establish an instrument for local integral development destined to promote and innovate the economy and the social fabric of the Spanish small town of Los Santos de Maimona (region Extremadura), by all types of support for business, cultural and training projects, and in general all sorts of innovative initiatives contributing to this objective and based on sustainability. We provide Local Innovation.

At our premises at the Business and Innovation Center “Diego Hidalgo” Fundación Maimona, we create strategies to collaborate in the construction of an exemplary collective project, able to configure a dynamic, prosperous and socially advanced area, fully incorporating new economic and cultural models. We have placed our human resources, and financial and relational means at the disposal of these objectives, and have established a rigorous work methodology, so that the Foundation, completely privately funded and managed, can act in an effective and efficient way as a “lever for development” in our geographical area. Our commitment is based on the Foundation’s support for the authentic promoters of growth and creation of wealth and employment in a sustainable context: business and social entrepreneurs.

After a preliminary period of local projects, the Fundación Maimona is supporting a series of supra-local collaboration projects, in less developed sectors in the region with high growth potential, promoting transfer of knowledge ad collaborative projects with other organisations inside and outside Spain. We are specially focused on renewable energies, industrial technologies, and advanced training and homologation in the industry and construction fields.


The Gabinete de Iniciativa Joven was created by the Regional Government of Extremadura to promote a new development model based on people’s capacity for imagination, creativity and innovation.

We support talent

We support talent. We challenge you talented people from all over the world to develop innovative projects in Extremadura. We know that talent is the engine of development and that it should be well protected. We have set up the right conditions for your imagination to be taken along the smoothest highway. We promise to promote the creativity in your projects. We offer you the formula to create your imagination lab, a project factory and a creation environment.

Creating the Imagination Society

Creating the Imagination Society. We have been working for several years to place Extremadura at the forefront of new technologies and we can proudly say that we have achieved our goal. But we want more. The Imagination Society is the logical development of the Information and Knowledge Society. Let’s build it together. Diversity, tolerance and experimentation are the values necessary to make it come true. We propose a new point of view, where imagination and emotion are the driving forces of social dynamics.


CREATIN is aimed to improve capacity for innovation in products and services of European SMEs.